May 6, 2024

What is Hashimoto’s Disease?

Autoimmune disorders can leave you feeling isolated, hopeless, and helpless. Proper support can change everything.

We've seen firsthand how autoimmune disorders can be crushing.

But the right support systems, external and internal, can change the whole journey.

What is Hashimoto's disease?

In accessible terms, Hashimoto's thyroiditis is when your immune system gets mixed up and starts attacking your thyroid gland instead of bacteria and viruses. And because of this mix-up, your thyroid isn't able to do its job properly, which means your body might not be running at optimum function. But at Dose, we’re here with tailored system support.

What are the mental symptoms that potentially indicate Hashimoto's disease?

When it comes to Hashimoto's, you might experience dizzying mental frustrations that resemble depression or disorientation. Patients report being unexpectedly irritable, down, or feeling ‘lost in a fog.’ Sometimes these feelings can get misinterpreted as something else entirely, like depression or even schizophrenia. But the right treatment will go beyond the symptoms and get to the root cause.

Can Hashimoto's disease be treated?

In blending modern medicines with naturopathic approaches, we have access to more hopeful and result-oriented autoimmune treatments than ever before.

The most effective root-cause treatments will help to tackle hypothyroidism and stabilize your thyroid hormone levels over time.

There’s hope. Let’s talk about a dose of better options.

Book your appointment and let’s get you started on your new treatment pathway. We love nothing better than seeing the profound effects of proactive and comprehensive support.

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